Bear Fingerplays

The Bear

Here is a cave, (Make a fist)

Inside is a bear. (Put thumb inside fist)

Now he comes out

To get some fresh air. (Pop out thumb)


He stays out all summer

In sunshine and heat.

He hunts in the forest

For berries to eat. (Move thumb in circle)


When snow starts to fall,

He hurries inside

His warm little cave,

And there he will hide. (Put thumb back inside fist)


Snow covers the cave.

Like fluffy white rug.

Inside the bear sleeps

All cozy and snug.


Time for sleeping

Now it's time for sleeping,

The bears go in their caves,

Keeping warm and cozy,

Time for lazy days. (Creep fingers under opposite hand)


When the snow is gone

And the sun comes out to play,

The bears will wake up from their sleep

And then go on their way.

(Creep fingers out from under hand)


Bears are Sleeping

Bears are sleeping

In their lairs. (Pretend to sleep)

Soon it will be springtime,

Wake up,Bear! (Pretend to wake up)


A Little Brown Bear

A little brown bear

Went in search of some honey. (Cup hand above eyes)

Isn't it funny,

A bear wanting honey? (Tilt head to one side)


He sniffed at the breeze

And he listened for bees. (Sniff, then cup hand behind ear)

And, would you believe it,

He even climbed trees! (Make climbing movements)