Virtual Author Talk: The History of Goodyear

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company: A Photographic History, 1898-1951 by Victor Fleischer visually chronicles the rich and fascinating history of the largest and most influential tire and rubber company in the world, from its founding in 1898 until shortly after the start of the Cold War. It highlights many of the important products that helped make Goodyear a household name and Akron, Ohio the “Rubber Capital of the World:” tires that shod winning race cars in the first Indy 500s; blimps that advertised the Goodyear brand; figure balloons that graced the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parades; conveyors used to build major engineering projects in this country; and balloons and airplane components that were critical assets in both world wars.  This program will be streamed on FACEBOOK LIVE.

History of Goodyear

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